Monday, September 19, 2005

Blessed Bounty

I felt almost etherial on Sunday as I poured my bought treasures on the counter and perused the vista of abundance. Touching the produce elicted feelings of wholesome piety and natural reverance. It was one of those moments that I don't feel troubled by the Celiac. Truly there are so many things in this world to nourish me, the elimination of a few grains is nothing.

A week ago Saturday I was out shopping for a couple of cooking utensils when I spied the farmer's market in Cherry Creek. I've seen it before. Usually I'm not out of the house early enough on a weekend to make it. It could have been different that day. Houston and I remarked that we should stop over there, just as soon as were finished in Cost Plus. Unfortunately it was already late, and when we came out of the store, the booths were closing down.

I vowed this weekend would be different. I had chosen a couple of recipes to try over the weekend, and tasked myself with finding as much as possible ingredients that were organically grown and local. Infected once more by the bursting joyful exuberance of the
GlutenFreeGirl, I set out on yet another adventure. This time outside of my kitchen.

We arrived just after 10am to a bustling crowd. On the verge of oppressive, but not quite, Houston's aggitation as they pressed in on us was tense as he dragged me along one side of the long bending isle that is the Cherry Creek Farmer's Market. A couple of times I saw lovely food that begged to be fondled, but Houston insisted that we make it to the end and double back. I could purchase only after we had made it to the end. If I tolerated crowds better on my own, I might try a slower more leisurely pace, but I'll settle for a gallop if it's all I can get.

All the colors were bright and I found the fact that the soil that nourished my food was still crusted to it, like an earthy yolk, fascinating. There were several booths with bread. I didn't bother stopping to ask if they had any gluten free alternatives. I did holler the word Celiac to a pretty young girl tempting me with her fresh pizzas. Whether she knew what that means I'll never know, but she smiled and backed away. Maybe I looked panicked and skittery. Pizza is one of those foods that I sometimes think might be worth dying for. (Note to self: work on finding more palatable GF pizza crust.)

Flowers were availabale throughout. Amazing and beautiful gigantic flowers. A little beyond my budget. I did remark on the woman selling the most beautiful oversized spikey floral arrangements. Long gray streaked hair braided down the center of her back, she wore a blue gray caftan style dress. There was a color to her skin like smudged soil and a sparkling twinkle to her eye. Her dirty feet were in worn leather sandles and she looked like she was one of the happiest people I've ever seen in my life.

With bunches and bags we left the bustling farmer's market. There were a few items that I had to toodle to Whole Foods for. I'm okay with that. I like them. There is a Whole Foods across the street from the Farmer's Market, but we made the journey to the Grand Opening of the new Whole Foods near my work. Everyone was lovely and there were fruits I had never seen before. Dragon Fruit? Quite expensive. I might have to budget a couple in just to play with them. They reminded me of a brightly colored spikey squishy toy that Houston recently bought me.

As I boiled and peeled tomatos, chopped onions, and especially when I shucked my corn, I felt so connected to the season of Harvest. Connected to the cycles of the earth. Connected to and blessed by the abundance that is my life. I have nothing to complain about.

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