Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gluten-Free Jalapeno Jack Mini Corn Muffins

Jalapeno Jack Mini Corn Muffins

Just because I wasn't posting doesn't mean I wasn't eating something fabulous and gluten-free. I had every intention of posting and I just never got around to it. It's quite a shame when I look back on the photos I took with the intention of posting. My mouth waters when I look at this one and realize that it was April when I made these, and I haven't made them since!

Deby's Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe makes this Corn Muffin Mix. I buy it right from the store since they are just down the street from where I work, but it is available for mail order online. Evidently they are having some trouble with the shipping prices, so if you wish to order see the notes on her main page.

It was strange because I had wanted to mix cheese in them and didn't realize until I looked at the box that there were already directions for adding to cheese to the mix. As with everything I've cooked using gluten free mixes, whipped egg whites were a crucial ingredient. I've gotten really good at separating the yolks from the whites and transforming them into a fluffy mass of whipped wonder.

This particular batch was made for the very first Plaster Party held in Denver for the Facing Our Fears (this link goes to a picture of the completed project, but I don't know the photographer) project that was funded by a grant from Burning Man. They didn't last very long and I found myself thankful that I had held back about a dozen of these bite sized cheesey treats in my kitchen, hiding them for later. The party took place in my garage, and this project took over our lives for about the last six months. I've had a wonderful time and forged some friendships I believe will last the rest of my life, but I'm glad to be back to having some time to blog.

This Friday at work we are having a bake sale to raise money for breast cancer research. They have asked that anyone baking make sure that the goods are pink. I think I'm going to try to make these muffins and add some food coloring to the mix. Pictures and story I'm sure will follow.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sweet Tooth

Super trouper lights are gonna find me
Shining like the sun
Smiling, having fun
Feeling like a number one
Tonight the
Super trouper beams are gonna blind me
But I wont feel blue
Like I always do
'cause somewhere in the crowd theres you

Today the weather turned cold. The heat has been blistering all summer long. I've heard that we have the most sunny days every year here in Denver. I've never been impressed. I've longed for cool and rainy, lush and green. Today was beautiful and moist. The overcast skies lending cloudy shade to the city all day. I've been comfortable in my skin. I even had to shut the windows until this evening. Now I want the cool air blowing it's breeze across my back while I type this entry.

I'm preparing for a rare trip to see my parents. They live in Alaska. With a husband and two kids, it's cost prohibitive to travel there, and difficult to leave my family behind very often. My parents are footing the bill for the ticket this time, and luckily this has all worked out to get me home for my mother's birthday. I haven't been with her on her birthday since 1994 when I took the night off work and surprised her with presents and dinner plans. My father was still in the Army and was out of town inspecting some reserve unit in Louisiana, I think. They were briefly stationed here, to my joy, as I had moved here in 1991. They didn't care for it here and high-tailed it back to Alaska at their first opportunity.

Sitting here today with the moist cool air and listening to the cast recordings for MamaMia I feel myself zoomed back to the age of twelve. Feeling the same sadness from this music hanging in the moist cool air coming through my window on an Army base in Germany. Fliegerhorst. I was living with my parents on another continent. I was an only child and an introvert. We were very close. (Should I be ashamed that ABBA still makes me cry?)

I inherited my sweet tooth from my father. I remember from the time I was a small child his quick cure for a sweet tooth. I have no idea why he started doing this, but I should probably ask. Take two tablespoons of peanut butter and stir in honey til the texture smoothes out. I have to taste it to make sure I have the right amount. I would say two teaspoons is about right. That's it. That simple. At the age of twelve I had no idea the feelings of fattening guilt two tablespoons of peanut butter could stir. I take a deep breath and I put all of that aside and slowly lick each bite of peanut butter and honey from the spoon.